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Red Cedar is a quantitative investment management group.

Our management team has a combined nearly 80 years of industry experience.

We are an international company with teams in the United States and Russia.




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Our research is data oriented. Our goal is to explore as many datasets as possible focused on newer, alternative data.



Our hiring approach is to hire a small number of highly qualified individuals with exceptionally strong records of achievement in their fields.  There is no short cut to success. Hard work, diligence, persistence, long hours and sacrifice are required.



We are striving for growth in various directions including continuously exploring new data, new regions, and new asset classes.



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Director, Russian Office



Chief Data Officer


Alexander started his career in academia. He has impressive academic achievements in probability and mathematical finance. Alexander has published over 40 academic papers and 1 scholarly monograph. He holds a PhD and Doctor of Sciences Degrees in Mathematics. Alexander transitioned to the financial industry in 2008 when he Joined D. E. Shaw Group. He also worked at WorldQuant and Jefferies.

Alexander has experience in research, portfolio management, building quantitative platforms and managing international research offices.

Christopher Dean has over 30 years of experience in the financial industry.  Chris founded and led Vector Capital Management LLC, a leading edge quantitative hedge fund.  He also founded and led Vector Partners LP, an agency broker/dealer catering to quantitative hedge funds. Vector was sold to Bank of America in 2003.

Chris joined Jefferies in 2005 as an advisor to the Executive Committee President. Chris initiated Jefferies proprietary equities trading group which would later evolve into Jefferies Investment Advisers LLC and  Quantport. Chris served as a portfolio manager and also as Director of Research for Quantport. He also sat on the management committee of Quantport. Chris has extensive experience in research, portfolio management and business management.


Alexander Kobrisov has 25 years of experience in several industries, including steel, machine-building, FMCG, and quantitative finance.


Prior to joining Red Cedar, Alexander was a project manager at a private equity fund focused on technology and communications. Alexander has held a number of senior management positions since 2005, including managing teams of up to 50 people. Most recently, he worked as a Managing Director of a Jefferies subsidiary in Russia. He set up and managed the Russian research arm of a Jefferies division in Russia.


Alexander is a graduate of Case Western University's WSOM joint MBA Program. He is fluent in several languages and currently resides in Moscow.

Alexey worked at Moscow State University for 9 years. He has a PhD in Probability and Mathematical Statistics and obtained many results in the domains of functional limit theorems, spatial dependent random structures, and stochastic geometry. He authored 20 papers and co-authored a monograph.

Alexey entered quantitative finance in 2014 joining WorldQuant LLC, where he rose from Quantitative Researcher to Vice President. For several years, he was a member of the team responsible for the portfolio optimization and sizing, impact estimation, and risk analysis at the level of company and its big product subdivisions. Since 2021 Alexey is with Red Cedar, where his responsibilities include coordinating data extraction, loading, integration, and real-time processing.


Blue River, part of IQ-EQ is the preeminent outsourced service provider to the alternative asset management industry. Blue River provides innovative back-office solutions to asset managers across the full spectrum of structures, strategies and asset classes.

service   providers



CP Capital works with financial institutions, investment managers, and corporations to enable them to leverage data as a competitive edge.  CP Capital offers these services through an outsourced data strategist model to streamline high quality data sourcing, vendor negotiations, data onboarding, and other strategic initiatives.  CP Capital also engages with data owners and sellers to optimize their go-to-market strategies and monetize their data assets.



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